Cooking Video Offers a Taste of Dominican Republic!

by | Nov 16, 2020 | What's New

Solar Oven Partners (SOP) recently offered its supporters a virtual tonic for pandemic blahs: relax and have fun learning to cook a traditional Dominican meal via video, and then donate to help bring food to Dominican families in need—especially urgent in the midst of COVID-19.

While the fundraising effort ended November 20, allowing SOP to help with the food distribution effort of our partner, the Dominican Evangelical Church, we didn’t want to put this video under wraps. It’s too good!

We’re sure others will love to learn how to cook a Dominican meal of rice, beans, chicken, plantains and salad, especially since the video cook is none other than SOP’s extraordinary and beloved cooking seminar instructor Gertrudis Garcia.

Filmed in her kitchen in San Pedro de Marcoris, Gertrudis walks the viewer step-by-step through preparation of the quintessential Dominican meal called “the flag”—with translation provided by SOP Director Marj Evans-de-Carpio.

Viewers not only learn Gertrudis’ tricks for cooking, but get a front seat look at why she’s such a popular member of the SOP team in the Dominican Republic.

“Gertrudis’ cooking is a proven winner,” says Colleen McKirdy, a SOP volunteer who has watched Gertrudis cook and teach. “I think people will enjoy being taught how to cook a Dominican meal by someone who’s been feeding her family and friends for years and years.”

In this video, the cooking techniques Gertrudis teaches require our familiar gas or electric stove—solar ovens not necessary! All you need to do is send an email to requesting a list of ingredients. Then simply enjoy a 20-minute cooking demonstration with Gertrudis by clicking Cooking with Gertrudis. 

When Volunteer-in-Mission teams bring solar ovens to the Dominican Republic, Gertrudis Garcia shows future oven owners how the heat of the sun cooks and bakes. Now you can watch her in action in the comfort of your home.

“In the U.S., we often eat Mexican or South American food, but usually it’s been ‘Americanized’ to appeal to our palates,” says McKirdy. “In Gertrudis’ cooking video, she cooks in true Dominican fashion. I can guarantee that it’s delicious.” 

After watching the video, you’ll be assured that even after each Volunteer-in-Mission team leaves the Dominican Republic, the work of teaching solar cooking goes on with in-country staff like Gertrudis. After all, her ability to communicate the beauty of solar cooking is one of the secret ingredients to the success of the SOP ministry in this Caribbean country.