Well-being Fueled by the Sun
Warmed with Generosity
Blessed with Community

Solar ovens don’t just cook food.
Solar ovens change lives and communities.

Solar Oven Partners focuses on cooking up the conditions for well-being in the Dominican Republic, Sierra Leone, and the northwestern lands of the Navajo Nation. By partnering with us as a volunteer or donor, you’ll help to change lives and increase well-being in communities where we work now and wherever God and people may invite us to go as Solar Oven Partners.

Solar Ovens Promote Wellness

Cooking with a solar oven enables a family to eat more nutritious, safe, and flavorful food…but the benefits don’t stop there.

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Cooking over a fire exposes the cook and others to the risks of smoke inhalation. Solar ovens cook healthy food and pasteurize water using clean and free energy.


Sunlight is free! Cooking fuel costs money. Families can direct their savings to pressing needs. Some even use the oven to produce supplemental income!


Burning wood or charcoal for cooking fires creates environmental problems in a community. A free, clean fuel source has many ripple effects.


Our faith is rooted in the story of Jesus, whose example of caring we follow. We seek to deepen awareness of and relationship with Jesus Christ.

Do all the good you can, By all the means you can, In all the ways you can, In all the places you can, At all the times you can, To all the people you can, As long as ever you can.

Modern Paraphrase of John Wesley, founder of Methodism


Ovens Delivered


VIM Mission Trips



Each solar oven costs about $150 to manufacture and deliver to a trained solar cook. Families receive them for a small donation. Because volunteers contribute their labor, our per-unit costs are very low.

Brooklyn Team at Raymond May 16, 2019

Volunteer and Make an Impact

Give the gift of empowered change


Grandma, Granddaughters Serve Together

Grandma, Granddaughters Serve Together

Mya Maxwell, 18, Bella Maxwell, 16, and Anna Gross, 15, were among a mission contingent with Solar Oven Partners to the Dominican Republic in early March. Grandma and the girls all live in the Madison, SD, area. Phillips, who has twice before gone on mission trips...

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Extending Solar Oven Impact

Extending Solar Oven Impact

Solar Oven Partners’ (SOP) always knew that solar cooking could have a real impact on families in developing countries. After all, a woman who cooked in a solar oven instead of over a charcoal fire didn’t have to spend limited money on charcoal, she could pasteurize...

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